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MMI’s franchisees are offered the following advantages: higher chance of success, shorter learning curve, established trademark, joint advertising and promotion, transfer of management expertise, training and good support services. The unique advantages of joining MMI franchise are as follow:

  • A unique corporate identity
  • Balance and well-integrated curriculum
  • Professional teacher training
  • Continuing research and development
  • Operational guidance
  • Academic and technical support

The MMI Group offers a full business format and professional expertise to assist regional and international business partners to venture confidently into the challenging and fast expanding market of Montessori education.


  • Higher Chance of Success – In any business venture, there is always a risk of failure. However since the franchising concept is based on following a proven way of operating the business according to developed and well-tested format, the chance of success is therefore many times higher than running your own independent business.
  • Shorter Learning Curve – Franchisees will benefit from the MMI Group’s collective wealth of expertise and knowledge, thereby requiring a much shorter time to learn how to run the business.
  • Established Trademark/Service Mark – The MMI trade name is already familiar to global consumers. The franchisee will benefit from the goodwill and global recognition of the MMI name.
  • Joint Advertising and Promotion – Franchisees are able to pool resources to come up with joint advertising and promotion campaigns at a relatively low cost. In addition, all franchisees can project a consistently strong image, thus giving consumers added confidence in purchasing from them.
  • Transfer of Management Expertise – The MMI Group has vested interest in transferring its knowledge to franchisees to help them succeed. The success and profitability of the MMI Group is usually directly linked to that of the franchisees.
  • Training – Franchisees will receive continual training and guidance from the MMI Group to ensure optimal performance.
  • Support Services – The MMI Group will provide relevant support services at a lower cost. We assist franchisees to recruit staff, relocate to better premises, conduct local promotions, etc.



  • Initial training will be provided for key teaching and administrative personnel nominated by the franchisee to be held at a centre nominated by the MMI Group.
  • On-site training will follow at the franchised centre.
  • A nominated representative of the MMI Group will guide the franchisee through the pre-launch.
  • On-going support will be provided by the MMI Group – Visits will be made to the franchise for the purpose of reviewing the total business, on-going training, market development and technical support at the franchisor’s cost. The benefits of on-going R&D will be transferred to the franchisee.
  • The MMI Group will create suitable advertising and promotional materials as well as news releases to penetrate potential markets.
  • Advice on setting environment.
  • Procuring Montessori teachers and materials.


  • Survey No. 34/3, Plot No.21, 22 & 23, Off Pan Card Club Rd, Behind Beverly Hills Society, Opposite ABIL Imperial Atria, Baner, Pune, MH, India - 411045.

  • +917028022228


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